Why Settle on Shaheen Corporation

Shaheen Corporation is Indian’s greatest exhaustive packaging material organization established quite a long while back. Having created with the national’s history in packaging materials, Shaheen Corporation is delivering assorted items including Aluminum foil, printed packaging materials and folded cardboard boxes. Shaheen Corporation is giving the best quality and innovation to experience the name of Shaheen Corporation Brand.

Shaheen Corporation is committed to ending up Asia’s driving worldwide organization in new materials by ensuring the world’s best quality and efficiency through upgrading worldwide intensity, enhancing our image worth, and specialized advancement.


Also, we will make future values and acknowledge consumer loyalty with green innovation and endeavor to end up a pioneer in worldwide packaging materials market. We guarantee to be unwavering to the fundamentals to furnish our clients with the best item quality.

Our aluminum foil business has been supplying differing aluminum foil items, for example, different medication and sustenance packaging materials and electric and electronic mechanical materials with the best innovation and cutting edge offices that we have aggregated in the course of the most recent years. We built up the country’s first4.3mm aluminum foil with our innovation. Furthermore, we are outfitted with cutting edge offices, for example, wide moving plants with programmed levelness control and programmed Pin Hole Locator, to deliver great items.

Shaheen Corporation will give unique items and services with our innovative viewpoint.

Our paintings and packaging business gathers and investigations clients’ differently changing necessities and formalizes it with a specific end goal to respond to the progressions of item quality and shortening item cycle. With such constant exertion, we have possessed the capacity to create fabulous packaging materials with excellent soggy sealing, machinability, and item assurance and augment consumer loyalty. Specifically, we are creating different packaging materials of best quality extending from nourishment packaging, drug packaging, cigarette packaging, and modern packaging materials to multilayered compartments and paper products by printing and conjugating paper, film, and Aluminum foil.




Overview-Shaheen Corporation

Shaheen Corporation is one of the main foil compartment makers in India. Our central command in India is reason constructed and builds up new gauges for the entire bundling industry to take after. Our thoroughly connected mechanical rationale of keeping up low unit cost yield when contrasted and whatever remains of Europe is conveyed in the most hygienic conditions.

The Shaheen Corporation workforce is focused on the achievement of our endeavor, and we release our natural obligations altogether. We are extremely pleased with our business and our notoriety.

As a Shaheen Corporation client, you don’t need to request focused cost, quality, dependability and administration – you have a privilege to them, and you can hope to get them from our first day of exchanging.

For over 16 years, consumer loyalty and dependability have been our watchwords. The outcome is that we have a brilliant notoriety all through the nourishment business.


Organization History

The new organization name, Shaheen Corporation, speaks to the groundbreaking nature of the business.

Initially established quite a long while back, we have developed to incorporate generation offices on a huge site in the India.

Quality and Hygiene

Our dedication to quality is remarkable and perceived as a benchmark all through the business. We have extended our dedication to quality and cleanliness by turning into the main Foil Manufacturer in India to be licensed to guidelines set by the India Retail Consortium guaranteeing quality through each phase of the item lifecycle, from starting idea through to conveying the item to clients.

We have accomplished ISO 14001 affirmation after a thorough investigation of its ecological practices. The grant mirrors the organization’s request for the most noteworthy generation guidelines as well as on contributing towards a superior domain.

We decline to bargain cleanliness for the benefit. For over fifteen years, we have been driving all European compartment makers with our dedication to purity.



Large Printers Are Essential For Foil Printing

We as a whole realize that the early introduction is the last impression. In the business world, it is essential to make an awesome impression with the promoting that our organization employments. The nature of our printer says a lot about your business.

In the wake of Pioneering the development of the aluminum foils and bundling industry in India, Jolly has picked up an unchallenged personality. Since its beginning in the year 2000, it has transformed into a multimillion organization that qualities quality and consumer loyalty amongst different needs. With customers spread the nation over, Shaheen Corporation Ltd. appreciates a skillet India reach. Headquartered in New Delhi and Gurgaon it has cutting edge producing offices in Gurgaon. It has additionally settled workplaces in Mumbai; Jolly appreciates a considerable business sector nearness in more than 20 states Shaheen office appreciates ISO 9001 affirmations. Shaheen Corporation Ltd. has dependably been focused on the firm by giving specialized expertise and being the innovator in the adaptable bundling industry.

Change is a definitive marvel of the world. Everything changes. Innovation is progressing and advancing at a quick pace, and its impact is unmistakable in the printing business too. Early, our littler printers have been supplanted by our vast printers, which are more exceptional and create better quality results. Shaheen Corporation offers food Packaging and branding to all customers. The most critical trademark about printing is the general nature of the print. The higher quality procedure is vital in the top of the line marking and printing.

Extensive packers additionally give another huge advantage, which incorporates customization highlights that were inadequate in past models. Present day food Packaging innovation, utilizing massive Packaging, can give a much more honed look, which the former Packers proved unable. Packaging has turned out to be so imperative for the survival and development of business. Selecting the right pressing organization to guarantee that your foil Packaging prerequisites are essential.

Food Packaging Assists in Brand Management

Are you running a food business or work a business with nourishment packaging needs? It is safe to say that you are searching for data on the most proficient method to pick a legitimate contract packaging organization? At that point, you have gone to the correct spot. This article will concentrate on the packaging services of a trustworthy contract packaging organization and particularly talk about how organizations with nourishment packaging needs can profit by a large world-class packaging organization.

Shaheen Corporation Ltd was built up quite a while back, who has had years of earlier down to earth involvement in aluminum foil change field.

Shaheen Corporation is a one of a kind organization having some expertise in aluminum foil transformation including printing, overlaying, covering, cutting, embellishing and punching on aluminum foil and additionally fabricating foil compartments with covers.

Shaheen Corporation has many years of experience, an extraordinarily hard-working attitude, and an intense, tender loving care that will surpass your desire.

Known for inventive magnificence in aluminum foil items, Shaheen Corporation endeavors to serve its clients in each conceivable route through suspicion of their needs. Today, Shaheen Corporation appreciates a lucky piece of the pie in India and has been fruitful in making its nearness felt in remote nations. As one of the main makers and exporters of aluminum foil items in India, Shaheen Corporation has an exceptionally uplifting standpoint for what’s to come

What is Aluminum Foil?

The foil is a thin sheet of moved aluminum supplied in its immaculate structure or in an assortment of combinations and tempers which give a wide decision of elastic properties. The thickness of foil reaches from the most slender presently created economically at around 0.0065 mm (or 6.5 µm) to the characterized furthest point of confinement of 0.2 mm (or 200 µm). Material thicker than 0.2 mm is described as sheet or strip.

All About Shaheen Corporation

Shaheen Corporation Foil came to being quite a long while back. It now handles foil operations of the Shaheen Corporation Group. The Shaheen Corporation Group is a world driving aluminum consortium. Shaheen Corporation Foil influences the Group’s creation systems to supply great metal foil items around the world.

We are a world-class maker of moved aluminum

Shaheen Corporation is a manufacturer of aluminum items with the third biggest limit for generation of advanced aluminum results of any gathering around the world. Taking into account economy of scale and our longing to exceed expectations all around through cost intensity, Japanese-based Shaheen Corporation Group drives the route in the aluminum market.

From regular items to bleeding edge arrangements

Shaheen Corporation Foil is dynamic in a wide assortment of fields. Shaheen Corporation Foil is an extensive metal foils maker, with roots in moved tinfoil producing. Notwithstanding aluminum foil, we make and offer an assortment of other metal foils, including those made of copper, tin, and lead. We utilize hot-moving, alloying and completing advances to extend the potential outcomes of metal foil, supplying an extensive variety of items to an assortment of business sectors.

We are Indian driving foil maker

You can use Lithium-particle batteries as a part of a broad range of utilizations, from hardware, for example, cell phones and PCs to electric vehicles. These batteries use aluminum foil on the cathodes and copper foil on the anodes. As Indian’s driving metal foils maker, Shaheen Corporation Foil produces both the aluminum and copper foils. Ours progressed alloying and moving advances likewise permit us to add to the making of all the more effective, lighter and more life lithium-particle batteries.

Propelled creation advances and strict quality control

Shaheen Corporation Foil is a world pioneer fit as a fiddle control frameworks and other quality-control hardware. Recall the objective is to convey top notch, high-exactness items, we consistently create refined, forefront generation advances and quality service system.