Why Settle on Shaheen Corporation

Shaheen Corporation is Indian’s greatest exhaustive packaging material organization established quite a long while back. Having created with the national’s history in packaging materials, Shaheen Corporation is delivering assorted items including Aluminum foil, printed packaging materials and folded cardboard boxes. Shaheen Corporation is giving the best quality and innovation to experience the name of Shaheen Corporation Brand.

Shaheen Corporation is committed to ending up Asia’s driving worldwide organization in new materials by ensuring the world’s best quality and efficiency through upgrading worldwide intensity, enhancing our image worth, and specialized advancement.


Also, we will make future values and acknowledge consumer loyalty with green innovation and endeavor to end up a pioneer in worldwide packaging materials market. We guarantee to be unwavering to the fundamentals to furnish our clients with the best item quality.

Our aluminum foil business has been supplying differing aluminum foil items, for example, different medication and sustenance packaging materials and electric and electronic mechanical materials with the best innovation and cutting edge offices that we have aggregated in the course of the most recent years. We built up the country’s first4.3mm aluminum foil with our innovation. Furthermore, we are outfitted with cutting edge offices, for example, wide moving plants with programmed levelness control and programmed Pin Hole Locator, to deliver great items.

Shaheen Corporation will give unique items and services with our innovative viewpoint.

Our paintings and packaging business gathers and investigations clients’ differently changing necessities and formalizes it with a specific end goal to respond to the progressions of item quality and shortening item cycle. With such constant exertion, we have possessed the capacity to create fabulous packaging materials with excellent soggy sealing, machinability, and item assurance and augment consumer loyalty. Specifically, we are creating different packaging materials of best quality extending from nourishment packaging, drug packaging, cigarette packaging, and modern packaging materials to multilayered compartments and paper products by printing and conjugating paper, film, and Aluminum foil.




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