All About Shaheen Corporation

Shaheen Corporation Foil came to being quite a long while back. It now handles foil operations of the Shaheen Corporation Group. The Shaheen Corporation Group is a world driving aluminum consortium. Shaheen Corporation Foil influences the Group’s creation systems to supply great metal foil items around the world.

We are a world-class maker of moved aluminum

Shaheen Corporation is a manufacturer of aluminum items with the third biggest limit for generation of advanced aluminum results of any gathering around the world. Taking into account economy of scale and our longing to exceed expectations all around through cost intensity, Japanese-based Shaheen Corporation Group drives the route in the aluminum market.

From regular items to bleeding edge arrangements

Shaheen Corporation Foil is dynamic in a wide assortment of fields. Shaheen Corporation Foil is an extensive metal foils maker, with roots in moved tinfoil producing. Notwithstanding aluminum foil, we make and offer an assortment of other metal foils, including those made of copper, tin, and lead. We utilize hot-moving, alloying and completing advances to extend the potential outcomes of metal foil, supplying an extensive variety of items to an assortment of business sectors.

We are Indian driving foil maker

You can use Lithium-particle batteries as a part of a broad range of utilizations, from hardware, for example, cell phones and PCs to electric vehicles. These batteries use aluminum foil on the cathodes and copper foil on the anodes. As Indian’s driving metal foils maker, Shaheen Corporation Foil produces both the aluminum and copper foils. Ours progressed alloying and moving advances likewise permit us to add to the making of all the more effective, lighter and more life lithium-particle batteries.

Propelled creation advances and strict quality control

Shaheen Corporation Foil is a world pioneer fit as a fiddle control frameworks and other quality-control hardware. Recall the objective is to convey top notch, high-exactness items, we consistently create refined, forefront generation advances and quality service system.


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